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1. Which tests commonly require fasting?

Lipid profile, Thyroid, Fasting Blood Sugar, Insulin, Lactose tolerance.

2. How many hours of fasting is required for fasting blood sugar test?

8 to 9 hours of fasting (Water is permitted)

3. Can I do my Urine Routine and Urine Culture tests from the same sample?

No, you need to give separate samples for your urine routine and culture tests.

4. What facilities are available at your Centres?

Transmed Diagnostics offers facilities like Pathology, X-Ray, Sonography, Colour Doppler, ECG, Stress Test, 2D Echo, BMD, Mammography, Health Check ups and OPG along with the Audiometry, Diet consultation, Eye Check-up and Dental Check-up.

5. How do I view my reports online?

You may receive your reports via SMS & Email, provided we have your accurate contact details with us. You can also view, download & share your reports online

6. Can I take my thyroid medicines in the morning before doing the blood test?

You can take your medicines after the blood test is done.

7. Can you arrange a home visit service for a post meal sugar test?

Yes, kindly provide us with your complete address and the time to schedule your visit by Clicking on “Book an Appointment”. This will take you to our web portal where you can book a slot for your test and make a payment online Or Offline.

8.Do you have any package which can cover the tests prescribed by my doctor?

Yes, we have multiple health check up packages which cover a wide range of tests commonly prescribed by your doctor.

9. Do you accept payment through Credit /Debit cards?

Yes we do.

10. If I need to show sonography reports urgently to my doctor, can you facilitate?

You will get reports within 15 – 20 mins from the centre in case of an emergency.

11. Do you have consulting doctors at your Centre?

No we do not. However, you and/or your referring doctor can talk to our clinical experts between 9 am to 9 pm to better understand your test reports.

12. Do I start drinking water before leaving home for a full abdomen USG?

Please start drinking water only after you reach the centre to do your test.

13. How many hours of fasting is required for Full Abdomen USG?

4 to 5 hours.

14. Is tea / coffee allowed before Full Abdomen USG?

Please avoid any dairy products before a Full abdomen USG.

15. Are there any special benefits for senior citizens?

Yes, we provide free home collection for pathology services for senior citizens

16. Do you provide home collection for children?

Yes available for children below the age of 5 years.

17. When do I receive my test results?

The turn around time for your reports varies on the test done.